Andrew Szopory

Sydney Australia has to be one of the most amazing and best cities in the world to plan and have a wedding. From our beautiful beaches, countryside and the busy cityscape there is no shortage of amazing locations to hold your dream wedding reception and to capture formal wedding photos.

The first thing that comes into mind when you think Sydney and wedding photography is the iconic Harbor Bridge, Opera House and famous  historic region in The Rocks. But what people tend to forget is that Sydney wedding photographers who are talented and understand light can make the most out of any location, venue and situation by just looking at the quality, direction and type of light to create some magical wedding photographs.

Sydney also has some amazing destination wedding locations just on the outskirts of  the city which make for stunning wedding locations. Some of these Sydney destination wedding photography locations include The Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley wine region and far south coast to name a few worth considering. When choosing your wedding photography location there are quiet a number of things to keep in mind which are often not top of mind.

5 Tips to keep in mind when researching your Sydney wedding photo locations

  • Is there enough space for your bridal party to mingle and to get some beautiful wide shots?
  • Can you access the property where you are planning on having wedding photographs, is it Private property or do you need to book access through the owner or council ?
  • Keep the time of day in mind. Is it going to be a busy Friday or Saturday afternoon where getting from some of Sydney’s eastern or western suburbs to the center of the Rocks or CBD will take longer? This is quiet often forgotten and can be quiet critical but an experienced Sydney destination wedding photographer should help you arrange this.
  • Go to the location you were thinking of using at the time you were thinking of using before the day to see how busy it’s going to be and what the light may be like.
  • Does your wedding reception venue have locations on the grounds for wedding photos. Try keep it local and you will create a stress free day.