About Andrew


Meet Andrew

Hi my names Andrew Szopory and I’m a Sydney based wedding photographer.

I don’t run a large studio with numerous shooters who pump out wedding after wedding without having any interest in you or your story.

Instead I choose to run a smaller boutique studio where I photograph every wedding, meet

every couple personally pre-wedding and discuss what’s actually important to you on your wedding day!

That way the pictures we get on your wedding day will really connect with you for years to come.

What can you expect working with me?

A very easy going and relaxed personality and attitude.

Quiet and non over bearing personality, yet direct when required without being that pushy photographer that your friends warned you about

Gives simple directions during formal photos to make you look stunning in any light or location.

Capturing that look, that smile, laugh or expression that was there for a split second is just as important as the first kiss.

Things I love doing when I’m not shooting weddings (The real me)


If I wasn’t a photographer I’d be doing back to back ski season all year round and I’d be a total ski bum! Nothing beats fresh pow.

I love spending time with my feisty Colombian wife dancing salsa or reggaeton till middnight, she’s also the worlds best assistant.

Random Fact: I’ll most likely rock up on your wedding early I’d prefer to be 15 minutes early than 1 minute late.